Recognizing The Best

Athletes, coaches, parents, caretakers, and more look for THE OSMOLabSM CERTIFIED badge to help know which products are optimized for the body’s use.

Optimized For Your Body's Use

The marketplace is filled with countless products paired with flashy labels and claims, all competing for a spot in the shopping cart. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which products live up to their promises – until now.

THE OSMOLabSM CERTIFIED badging allows consumers to easily find which products have been optimized for your body’s use.
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When a product becomes THE OSMOLabSM CERTIFIED, it’s a sign to consumers that it has been formulated with their body in mind to allow for the most benefit.
Other well-known product certifications help consumers know that a certain product, like a sports drink, doesn’t contain harmful or banned substances and food additives.
THE OSMOLabSM CERTIFIED is the product certification that helps consumers know which products are best-in-class – and actually work!

Defining Best-In-Class

Across multiple product segments, THE OSMOLabSM CERTIFIED badge is a universal sign of a best-in-class product that is balanced and optimized for your body. Because every product segment is unique in its purpose, each segment’s certification has unique qualifications based on the most up-to-date recommendations from leading health authorities like The World Health Organization.

Much like the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, this certification highlights products that are free from extremes that can keep them from working optimally. In hydration beverages, for example, it means there is the right balance of content like electrolytes, sugar, and vitamins that allow for optimal hydration.

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Functional & Hydration Beverages

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Certify Your Product Today

The Osmolality Lab™ is uniquely qualified to demonstrate the credibility of your product’s quality standards and optimal application. Differentiating your product means winning the confidence of the most scrutinizing customers. Whether you specialize in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, beverages, waters, skin care products or personal lubricants, please contact us to learn more about becoming certified.
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