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Certifying products with The Osmolality Lab™ is a simple yet compelling way to impress upon customers the superior quality of the products they are choosing. Products that meet the program’s strict testing and evaluation criteria are awarded the distinctive THE OSMOLab℠ CERTIFIED mark. This mark, emblazoned on product labels and promotional materials can enhance a manufacturer’s competitive position and brand recognition by emphasizing their commitment to more transparent and quality products for consumers.


Across a variety of industries, certifying products with The Osmolality Lab™ can also allow manufacturers to benefit from:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Strengthening Customer Loyalty
  • Building Positive Brand Exposure
  • Reducing Liability Risk
  • Listing as a certified product on The Osmolality Lab™ website and more!

Skin Care


Functional & Hydration Beverages

Functional & Spring Waters

4 Easy Steps

Become certified in four easy steps:

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Review

Step 3: Results

Step 4: Ongoing Partnership

A Wise Investment

Your investment in the certification has three parts: the Review, the Licensing Fee, and Routine Testing. Testing frequency depends on product formula and number of lots produced. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Start Now

The Osmolality Lab™ is uniquely qualified to demonstrate the credibility of your product’s quality standards and optimal application. Differentiating your product means winning the confidence of the most scrutinizing customers. Whether you specialize in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, beverages, waters, skin care products or personal lubricants, please contact us to learn more about becoming certified.

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